Holistic Health

Andrea Pertnoy, Certified Holistic Health Coach

How can we live our best lives?

How do we best feed our bodies?

How do I make vegetables taste good?!!

I will be offering recipes, nutritional information, articles, videos, and all of the things that I am inspired by so that you too can take the journey of self discovery to a full and health-FULL life.

Do you want to wake up with energy & optimism?
Do you want to feel like you are living your best life?
Do you want to glow?
Do you want to know how to best support yourself and your family?
Do you want to feel amazing in your skin?

These are some of the possibilities and so much more.

We tend to become our biggest obstacles in life and only we can make the change.

Lets support each other to dream big and live big!

I offer a 6 or 3 month program where we meet twice a month. This allows us to set goals and add amazing new things into your life.

You can also meet with me as you wish:

- Health food store tour

- Cooking classes

- Prepared food delivery

- Yoga

Drop me a note if you are interested in a free first session!

Much love and gratitude,

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