Spotlight: Christophers Kitchen

I have been blessed enough to dine at the newly renovated Christopher's Kitchen twice in the past week. I dream of his Caesar salad and Avocado roll.....and of course the Raw Brownie Sundae.....to live for!!

This is the sampler that I indulged in as an appetizer.....it should have been my meal!
Anyone who has dined with me knows....I eat with my eyes and ALWAYS over order.
I just can't help myself!

One had smokey BBQ sauce and avo, one with pesto and cheeze, one with cheeze and tomatoes, and for desert one had apple, fig, and honey.



I journeyed down to Boca and visited the 4th Generation Market. For so long I have wanted to go and it was worth the drive! They had a great selection of vegan/raw prepared foods and beautiful organic produce. It was small enough to not be completely overwhelming and I really enjoyed it.

This is the dinner that was inspired by my experience.

Spaghetti squash with S&P, vegan veggie burger with scallion cashew cheeze tomato and chard, and sweet cabbage slaw.

Josh really enjoyed it and it was really fresh and healthy.

For all of you fellow Floridians I hope that you are staying dry and safe.

Have a beautiful week.



let there be music!!

Music has always been a huge part of my life. 
Now that I am married to a musician it is even more so.

There are few things in this world that rival the energy of live music.
It is a universal gift that everyone understands.

My sister and I just saw Christina Perri & Jason Mraz.

A. M. A. Z. I. N .G.

I knew before going that Mraz would be phenomenal......he's a yogi and activist!!

Perri blew our minds. She is super talented, gorgeous, and tatted!!
Love her.

They were both so connected to their power as artists and were so gracious.
It is such a shift of consciousness when you see young famous people doing great work while on their soap boxes.

Kudos to you.

Reverb is a non-profit org that educates and creates awareness for sustainability in the music community.
Check out their site and see what they are up to.
good stuff.

Tonight hubby and I go to our 4th ass whipping @ Crossfit.
This workout is the exact opposite of anything I have ever tried or liked.
Somehow I.....we are loving it. It is a huge challenge and I look forward to it.
It is always fun to mix it up a bit and try something that is so out of the box it scares you!!
My goal is to get all of these peeps into one of my yoga classes!!!


Wishing you a fantastic weekend!



it's a heat wave!! refresh with these great beverages......

Cucumber Water

Cucumber has an amazing amount of benefits. They are high in potassium, and have carotenes, as well as vitamin A....among others. The skin is high in dietary fiber which helps reduce constipation, and offers some protection against colon cancers by eliminating toxic compounds from the gut.

It also tastes AWESOME!!

You can also add lemon or mint depending on your taste.
I just throw a few slices in my water bottle and sip all day. You will be amazed at how much more water you will drink.....and enjoy!

Lemon Water

Every morning I start with a glass of hot/warm lemon water. Even though it seems like an acidic food it is actually alkaline for the body. ALKALINE is GOOD! You also get a nice dose of vit C. Lemon detoxifies the liver and clears the digestive system. The benefits go on and on.

I like it hot in the morning and room temp through out the day.

You can always add different flavors to lemon water:

Ginger Apple Sparkler

Start by juicing an inch of fresh ginger and about 6 tart apples.
Add sparkling water.....about 2 liters. You can also add lime.

Ginger has great digestive and antimicrobial benefits.
It also adds a little spice into life!

These are just a few ideas of how to stay hydrated and really enjoy it.
At the same time adding wonderful health benefits......and maybe a little champagne wouldn't hurt either!!