As a young woman who is of child bearing age I have started to really think about my options for childbirth. Most of us grew up knowing that you go to the hospital to have a baby. Where else would you go? Come to find out there is a whole world of possibilities out there. 

Doula, midwife, birthing center, home birth, water birth, ecstatic birth.

These are the concepts that have been swirling in my head!

I just watched an amazing documentary about natural birth and the possibilities that are there.

Imagine you stay in your own home, comforted by the people who love you, in a place of peace, low lighting, soft music, and unconditional support.

On top of that there are amazing women who can guide you through your pregnancy so that you have the tools to be a fierce and courageous woman during birth.


All women deserve to at least know about these options.

I feel empowered to give my child a fighting chance from inception, to birth, to life.

Just like in life, the sounds, the mind set, the intention set, all creates the foundation for your birthing experience.

We are powerful, insightful, and amazing beings that should take control of ourselves especially at such a crucial turning point in our lives. The possibility of enjoying the birth of my child instead of just surviving it is HUGE.

Orgasmic Birth

( pg 3 of Fav Finds)

This is the documentary that really shows how natural birth is possible and what it looks like.

I know....orgasm! Women actually experience this during birth.....that must be an amazingly wild ride! Imagine how in tuned and open you would have to be to journey into that space. It's just remarkable.

I feel blessed to have come across this information and look forward to my future births!
(One day.....don't get too excited mom & dad!)

Check out the documentary, only $1.99 on Amazon, life changing.

I am woman, hear me roar!!!


little reminders

This is a blog from a fellow nutritionista that I follow!
She is fun and fabulous.
Check her out HERE.

Have a fantastic weekend full of sunshine and good times.

peace & light



Hungry for Change

Hungry for Change

World Premier

Go to http://www.hungryforchange.tv/online-premiere to watch this wonderful documentary.
It is free for the next few days!!

It offers a host of information about what we can ADD into our lives and what we can avoid to create a long and healthFULL life.

It's all about what we



wholey bowly!

This is today's creation for lunch!
 The only thing I can call it is a Whole Bowl!
It's a whole lot of nutrition and color packed into a bowl of goodness.

I started with some Kitchari ( kit- cha- ree )

1 cup red lentils (soaked over night)
1 cup brown rice (soaked over night)
2  sticks Kombu seaweed
10 cups water

Put ALL ingredients into a large pot and simmer for 1 hr.

This is a recipe I found in Sharon Gannons book
It is said to be an easily digestible ayurvedic food.

I love eating it plain....a little sprinkle of dulse on top.

I decided to kick it up a notch for lunch today!

I added:

homemade saurkraut
hemp seeds

I LOVE the color and how packed it is with nutrition.

Have an awesome day.

peace & light


World Water Day 2012!!!

World Water Day
March 22, 2012

Water is one of those commodities that we deeply take for granted.
I know for myself....I could definitely be better about how much I use on a daily basis.

And....nothing drives me crazier than when my husband turns the shower on to "heat up" and walks away for minutes at a time.

sorry to call you out sweetie!

I have written many times before about the amount of water used in agriculture and how astounding it is.
Especially the comparison between the use of water for meat vs vegetables.

What do you think uses far less?????????

That's right!!


Moral of the story....eat more veggies = save water!

(I had to fit that in somehow.)

In honor of World Water Day I think we all should think of 2 ways to decrease our daily water use.

Only 2.

At the end of the week see if you can implement those 2 things into your daily life.

What are they?
Tell me how you intend to implement them.

We could all use some ideas and inspiration!

Good luck, make sure you see some water today, and protect the abundant life we live by having a conscious attitude about consumption.




Bike Week 2012

One of the most exhilarating additions to my life this past year has been our Harley!
It definitely opened up a whole new world!
This past weekend we drove up to Daytona Beach and experienced our first ever Bike Week.
It was colorful, loud, and exciting.
After we checked out the bikes we headed north to our friends beach house......and spent the rest of the weekend there!

It is easy to forget how beautiful and serene Florida is when you've lived here all of your life. This weekend was a clear reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a peaceful and gorgeous place.

(thank you Ken for always having a great sense of humor!)

Cheers to new adventures and the love of life!

peace & light



Happy Birthday Josh!

Once a year I make my husband a birthday breakfast that is special and different from all the rest!

2 sunny side eggs with thyme, pepper, garlic powder, ghee,  and sea salt.
Sauteed spinach with evoo.
Toasted pumpkin seed bread.
The juiciest tangerine ever!
Super green juice!

I am wishing a wonderful day and year to come to a fantastic man who has completed my life.
I love you.....infinity.


Bon Appetit!



no nuts...no nori

I did a little experiment last night!

If you are obsessed with nori the way that I am you may just LOVE this recipe!

Nori Nut Bites

I started with Brazil nuts...my new favorite!

2 handfuls into the food processor.
( not soaked...no enzyme inhibitor)

1 clove garlic
2 stalks celery
couple dashes cayenne
couple dashes ginger
1 tsp Braggs Amino Acids
dash garlic powder
1 whole lemon juiced
fresh parsley

process until smooth

place nori sheet onto cutting board
line the longer side with the nut pate
roll up tight like sushi
dehydrate for about 8-10 hrs

cut into bite sized pieces!

I used a little for a hand roll and added some veggies....great snack!!

This turned out to be a great blend of spice, tang and creamyness....yummers!

Try it...let me know how it works for you.

peace and light


nuts for Brazil nuts!

I figured I would get a little crazy with my nut milk and use Brazil nuts instead of almonds.
It tastes great and has huge benefits for the body and their homeland.
Who knew!?

It is important to note that Brazil nuts cannot be farmed, and have to be grown wild in healthy rainforest ecosystem. According to the Amazon Conservation Association, caring for Brazil nut plantations “provides more than half the yearly income for thousands of families in the Amazon and protects several million acres of forest from deforestation.”

CastaƱales (Brazil nut harvesting concessions) offer one the few positive bottom-line economic examples where the density of a renewable natural resource other than timber is sufficient to justify the existence of large forested areas against unsustainable uses such as cattle ranching. Brazil nuts, which are opened up by harvesters within the primary forest, represent more than half the yearly income for thousands of families in the region, and so far have politically justified the protection of these natural areas. People can actually make a living harvesting these nuts from wild forests – a strong economic reason that keeps the trees standing.

- Raw Freedom Community


organic when possible

1 cup Brazil nuts
4 cups clean water

If you like it thicker add less water.

sweetner ( stevia, dates )

First soak the nuts for 2 hrs. I've seen people say that they don't have to be soaked at all because they lack the enzyme inhibitor.

Add nuts and water to high speed blender and blend until smooth.
Run it through a nut bag or cheese cloth.

It should last at least 3-4 days.

I added some into my smoothie this morning along with....
frozen bananas
chia seed blend ( ground )
maca powder


Power smoothie for sure!

Enjoy your day and the FULL MOON tonight!!



oh happy day!

This is post # 108!!!

I have just returned from my first IIN Mega Conference!!
It was a weekend packed full of inspiring speakers and equally amazing alumni and students of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I am honored and proud to be on this journey with so many conscious and LOVE filled people who yearn to create change.

Among the many speakers that were all profound.....a few touched my heart in a special way.

John Robbins, of Baskin Robbins...yes...the icecream.....had everyone sobbing with his life story (happy tears) about his relationship with his father. A perfect example of how following your heart is not only fulfilling in your own life but may save anothers as well.
check out his long list of superbly influential books at:

Another amazing presenter was Geneen Roth.
Author of Women Food and God.
So adorable and spunky....I definitely want to get her book and read it ASAP!

David Wolfe, a huge presence in the Raw Foods world, gave an energizing and entertaining presentation on raw food, super foods, and super herbs.
He had so much energy he could have flown off the stage!!
A true testament to the power in quality pure living foods.

And my favorite, a little bias, was Seane Corn.
As always she reminded us of the most important piece of the puzzle, coming back to spirit through love. Serving this world with a true intention of love and peace. If these are in alignment then the rest of the "abundance" will follow with ease.

view from my room!
I had the privilege of staying at the AVIA Hyatt. Awesome boutique hotel not far from the convention center.

Of course!! We ate some amazing food....we were in California after all!

Zephyr was in Long Beach and we ate a fantastic dinner there.

The night I left we rushed into LA for a meal at Cafe Gratitude. It was worth it!!
I had a Macro Bowl which was the perfect mix of
quinoa, carrots, sprouts, seaweed, sauerkraut, with a special sauce.
I flew the leftovers home and ate it for breakfast!!!

They have a multitude of amazing cookbooks available.

Instead of waiting 1 hr for a table we had a curbside picnic!!
I guess we were the first to do that!

The most amazing part of the whole weekend were the connections that I made with some beautiful women.

one love, one heart, one pulse, one intention.....

We all want to see this world thrive in an energetic and healthy way.
We are what we eat!!!

Lets all be yummy, full of living energy, growing, supported, and loved beings serving our purpose of giving love.

Wishing you a beautiful day!