Sunny Pate & B Sprouts!

Sunny Pate......

1 cup raw sunflower seeds soaked 8 hrs (rinse well)
1 inch piece fresh turmeric
1/4 red bell pepper
2 stalks celery
1 lemon juiced (maybe more)
dash coriander
dash garlic powder
salt to taste
pepper to taste

put turmeric into food processor first
then add the rest

eat with crackers, celery, nori, anything!

Turmeric has phenomenal health benefits:

- may aid in weight management
- detoxes liver
- natural antiseptic
- natural pain killer

Good Stuff!


B Sprouts!

about 16-20 Brussels sprouts
1 Tbsp evoo
4 cloves garlic
1/4 c toasted sesame seeds
1 Tbsp mirin
1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil

clean B sprouts by cutting off stem and then remove any
damaged leaves
cut with stem down into thin slices

mince garlic and saute in evoo until soft

add B sprouts and saute 15 mins
( golden brown)

add mirin and saute another 5 mins

tale off heat and add sesame seeds & sesame oil


This recipe came from one of my favorite books 




rainy day = green juice!

Yesterday was a rainy lazy day!
I haven't had one of those since......I can't even think of one!
My Wednesdays off have become my time to nurture and care for myself.
I practice yoga in the morning, clean, spend lots of time in the kitchen, and are usually very productive.
This week I took a different approach.
Yoga, green juice, chill time with Miles!!


I can't find organic apples anywhere!!

I guess that's what happens when you eat somewhat seasonally!

Love lazy daze!!

Miles was in heaven and so was I.

Have a great one.


Breakfast of Champions.....for real!

It is rare that I have the foresight or energy to fix a proper breakfast. I love soaked nuts and seeds, groats and fruit. It may not be the best "food combining" but it makes up for it in excellent nutrients and flavor!

I had an abundance of fruit that needed to be eaten so I made a fruit salad.
Mangoes from my parents neighbors, organic and free!!, black plums, pluots, and bananas.


SUP Maiden Voyage

It was a gorgeous Sunday!
enough said..........


The perfect day to take out this amazing work of art!


This is the gorgeous plate that was made for apps.......I love it even though I don't eat any of it!!


This week celebrates the birth of our country. A country that prides it self on freedom and diversity. Even though things seem to be going to hell in a hand bag we live in an extraordinary place where we really are free.

Thank you.

Have a wonderful day off on Wednesday & be safe.

peace & light

ALL- ways