Loads of Love : ECO Laundry

Loads of Love

The local Green Market has moved to Wednesday evenings!!
We now get to enjoy this array of products all summer long.

Besides the organic produce....my favorite product came from
Loads of Love.

Soap Nuts are the most eco-friendly way to clean your laundry.
You take about 4-6 nuts, throw it into a bag, and that is it!
You can add essential oil to the bag if you would like a little bit of scent, however, I'm not too sure it is very effective.

The Soap Nuts will leave your laundry fresh, clean, and scent free.

You can use each batch for about 3 loads or test them by giving them a squeeze when they are wet. If you see white soap then they are still good.

There are a few places to get these amazing little nuts.

Loads of Love puts their money where their nuts are!

They are a soon to be Non Profit Organization. They raise money to feed the hungry & they are creating a business that celebrates sustainability.


There are a plethora of options for your used Soap Nuts.
One option is to boil them in 4 cups of water and strain into a spray bottle.
 This is a great insect repellent for your skin or your plants! 

Check it out......tell me what you think!



sweet chips

Going to the market to buy food is one of my most favorite things in life! I know that some people loathe it, but, I am inspired by it. Whenever I see produce that looks exciting I buy it most of the time not knowing what the end result will be.
A couple of organic sweet potatoes caught my eye the other day.....this is what happened......

Sweet Chips

2 sweet potatoes
1/2 tbsp coconut oil
ground ginger
preheat oven 375

1. wash & slice the potatoes in even rounds, if they are similar in thickness they will cook more evenly
2. place in a large bowl
3. add a pinch of sea salt, pinch ground ginger, cracked pepper, and coconut oil
- you want the oil to just coat all of the slices
4. bake until you start to see the potatoes start to shrink a little
5. flip potatoes over & bake until desired consistency

This is a great way to "sneak " a healthy snack into anyone's life!

Especially on a holiday weekend!!



New Horizons

A year has passed since the last time I held a soon to be service dog!
Last night was the New Horizons charity event generously presented by the Leeds Foundation.

They raise money to go towards the training and placing of much needed service dogs.
They also take part in an amazing program where they bring dogs to prisons where they are trained by the inmates. They offer the dogs for fostering over the weekends.

Want a weekend dog that is trained better than any other dog in the world!?

These are the puppies that will make their way to prison!

I love how they smell!! So squishy!

It was a beautiful and successful event. I look forward to next year!



past. present. future.

It's been a while since I have written anything. I spent the beginning of the week in my bed. UGH!
The universe is always very clear with me when I need to take a step back and slow down.
It knocks my ass into bed!
I am now feeling great and back into the swing of life.

Being home bound did give me a chance to spend some time in the kitchen.....I know!
I just couldn't help myself.

I will post recipes next, but, today I just wanted to talk about life.

It is so amazing to me how we are continually evolving beings. We have no fixed point in life. Everyday and every experience shifts us in some way. Whether we realize it or not.
In the past week I have reconnected with two of my closest childhood friends.
There was a time where our paths veered away from each other and now it feels right to bring it closer together. It has been a very powerful and healing experience to make these connections.

It just goes to show you that you never know what hides around the corner.
I never know!

It is never too late to say I am sorry....even if they don't know why you are apologizing!!!

This life is a magical and sacred gift.
I hold the deepest of respect for the people in it.....
past, present, and future.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Yummy healing recipes to follow!



vegged out soup!

This is a lovely and yummy creation that happened when I needed to use a LOT of veggies that were just chillin in our frige!

Vegged Out Soup


coconut oil
green beans
kale & celery pulp ( leftover from juicing)
red pepper flakes
bay leaves
dulse flakes
nori flakes

I started by sauteing the vegetables in the coconut oil
until softened

I added about 6 cups of water (or veg stock) or about 1 inch over veggies

add spices , quinoa, and tempeh

bring to a boil and then simmer just until 
veggies are soft and quinoa has fully cooked
( look for the little white tails to come off of each grain)

You can add ANY vegetables you like!

I topped it with some fresh arugula and nutritional yeast.

I love how the tomatoes burst with flavor and this is a great way to re-use your pulp from juicing.




ch ch ch chia!!

Chia Pudding

This is an easy way to include a fantastically superior food in your diet.

1/3 cup chia seeds
2 cups nut milk ( I used home made almond milk.....any kind will do)
1 Tbsp sweetener, to taste ( raw honey )

I added about 1/2 Tbsp cacao powder
dash of cinnamon on top

let the chia, sweetener, and milk soak for 5 mins and then refrigerate over night.
add in flavors and mix together....cacao, cinnamon......

It will create a slimy gelatinous texture......the chias are activated and have released the full health benefits!!

Father approved!!

Just a few benefits of the Chia seed:

- helps lower blood pressure
- improved digestion
- healthy skin
- stabilize blood sugar levels
- reduce inflammation
- lose weight
- boost energy & mood

and the list goes on..............