Not long ago I found this amazing company and service oriented organization called

I applied as an ambassador and have become one in the last month. I have one of their gorgeous yoga bags that are hand made by women in Guatemala.
It is a fun and beautiful company born out of compassion and love.

Check out their site....if you need or want a new yoga bag just click on one of their pictures to the right of this post.

You won't be disappointed and you will be serving a great cause!


Holiday weekend coming up!

Next weeks post will be full of foodie pics and beach scenes......assuming the rain stays away for at least one day.

Enjoy, be safe, and spread the love!




This isn't the first time I have taken myself off of Facebook.
When I started school again back in 2012 I thought it would be a great tool to keep me connected into the outside world.

It served it's purpose and now I need to let it go!

I spend a lot of time in front of a computer and it has become quite a distraction for me.....I hate to admit it.....but such is life.

I know that if my "friends" want to continue to see the content that I shared they will find me through my site or blog...instagram.....maybe even a phone call.....*gasp*!

It is an incredible forum and I have much respect for it.


Last night I revisited my Raw Pad Thai......a labor of love!

It's by no means a hard recipe it just takes a lot of chopping. Therapeutic!

I definitely had 2 bowls myself, 1 for Josh,  and brought the rest for lunch!

This never lasts long.

Have an awesome week.

Much Love & Gratitude