Rainy Day

What a Rainy Day! Water cleansing our earth and feeding it at the same time. A sure welcome into the fall season. There is nothing more relaxing than a rainy day. Somber and gray....soothing and melodic. The perfect excuse to sit back and relax.

I have recently taken up the new job title of Office Manager @ Stuart Recycling! I manage myself and maybe my father! It's quite a shift from teaching yoga full time and has proven to be equally exhausting. Taking on this new endeavor has clearly proven how important yoga is in my life. Time and time again the universe points this out to me.

I had the chance to attend Nikki Doanes Workshop last weekend and it was just the awakening I needed. It kicked my butt and at the same time brought me back to the simple concept of intention and the not so simple devotion. It was a beautiful and educational experience. Now i can pass that onto my classes which is exciting.

This new season brings change and a set of new intentions. We welcome the Jewish New Year and the new harvest. The new moon and the breeze!!

Light and Love
Shanti Om

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