NO TURKEY! Turkey day!

As Thanksgiving Day approaches I start to think of the food I will make this year. It's been over 4 years that I have been vegan and Thanksgiving dinner was always my favorite!! I love the gathering of friends and family to celebrate each other and all that we are grateful for.

I am SO grateful for this magnificent earth we have been given and all the beautiful creatures that inhabit it. The more I see and learn the more I know that being vegan is a conscious way of supporting the Earth and promoting change.

Why is a cow or a bird any different than a dog? Why do we turn a blind eye to the horrifying industry that provides us food? When did we begin to think that it was ok to torture and poison animals so that we will then eat them and incorporate that fear and torture into our own bodies?

I am more passionate about this than probably anything in my life. I rarely "preach" about it but since I am basically speaking to myself I won't hold back!

The moment we start to see each person, animal, living creature as a gift that deserves the same respect that we expect....the sooner we will find peace and health as a human race.

As I leap off my soap box!......I can't wait to try these awesome new recipes and share them with my loving and very understanding family!

love and peace xo

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