the universe is screaming at me!!

There are always signs presented to us....do we see them?

The most interesting parts of the scrap business are the people you meet and the stuff they discard as trash!

"ones mans trash is another mans treasure"

In the past 2 months we have recieved a brass statue and a set of dishes.

The dishes were brought in by a woman who had carried them back from Thailand over 25 years ago. They are made of brass and the flatware is engraved.

Engraved with what you ask?

lotus petals, ganesh, and buddhas!!!

Not only have I not seen anything like this.....but the symbolism is ironic.

Is the universe screaming at me or what!!!

I now have a gorgeous Ganesh statue living on our balcony and a set of dishes I can't wait to use.

All of these beautiful objects are a reminder to let go, remove obstacles, simplify, and enjoy the unexpected gifts in everyday life.

Ganesh seems to be my mantra lately......thank you universe!

The end of the year is coming quick.....I hope to enjoy the last few moments in 2010.

May 2011 bring unity, consciousness, gratitude, and love.

shanti shanti shanti om

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