the incredible edible egg????

The Incredible Edible EGG???

It's been about 4ish years since I have taken the life path of a vegan. My intentions are to live a healthy life without harming ANY other beings that share this space with us. That seems like a noble, conscious, and loving thing to do. Come to find out I am seriously depleted in a few very important essential vitamins. NOT GOOD! so....here is my dilemma. How do i switch off my conscience so that I can create a healthy home for my future babies? How do I suddenly forget all of the documentaries and books that flood my shelves and mind? I don't think it is possible for me at this time to make such a switch. I knew I wasn't taking all of the supplements I should have been, but I was in no way a "junk food" vegan!

Needless to say, I am taking supplements......eating "responsible" eggs(arg) and soon will be getting b12 injections.

My md/chinese medicine gynecologist says to "eat meat once a week....thats all"......nope, not gonna happen.

I put my foot down for the sake of all the creatures I hold so dear to my heart. It's impossible for me to backtrack to a place where I can enjoy eating something that once had nursed it's own young.

So here I sit.... moody and tired...(b12, vit d)....excited to flood my system with these supplements that will hopefully bring me back to normal!

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