spinning........in a good way!

Hello again!

It has been far too long since I have had a moment to sit and focus on GRATITUDE.

It started a few weeks ago when a friend came to us with a business proposition.
Who would have ever guessed that this would come to fruition and really grow into something that I have only dreamed of.

More to come on that!!!!

We were ecstatic to go to aspen for the 2nd time this year for a Bar Mitzvah. It was so gorgeous to be there in the summer and the whole weekend was perfect.

We landed back in FL and had a wonderful weekend celebrating my Grandmothers Bday & Fathers Day.

The Sundy House in Delray Beach. If you haven't been here before you must go! It was so beautiful and lush and dreamy. They have one of the only fresh water swimming pools in Fl and there were fish living in it!

Tomorrow is our 3rd wedding anniversary.
I am blessed and humbled by the love in my life and I can only look forward to the life ahead of us.
We are off to the Exumas and can't wait to soak in the turquoise waters and go to pig island.

We will miss our little man but know that auntie is loving on him!!

There will be more exciting news to come about my new venture into business ownership!!

Have an awesome week and stay hydrated in this crazy heat.

peace and light