My Monday evenings have grown into one of my most favorite and most needed evenings of the week. This is the night that I give, reflect, move, sweat, honor, guide, and hopefully inspire. I know that I probably learn more in my classes than the students who attend! When I was teaching 17 classes a week I loved every moment. Now that I teach 2 there is a different feeling of "ahhhh" when I step into the yoga studio. This time of intention and breath is cleansing and renewing.

As life continues to ebb and flow I find my own yoga practice as well as my teaching has evolved. I feel a new sense of being grounded and quiet. A yearning to connect to the true and simple pleasures in everyday life. Maybe it's just the aging process!

I love and try to live by these words:

"the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others"- Gandhi

serve with heart and soul, breath and hands, words and intentions.

shanti shanti shanti


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