Bon Voyage!

Off to Europe I go!

I am full of excitement and nerves and guilt!
I am about to embark on a trip of a lifetime with two very important people in my life.
MOM and SIS!
Two weeks of meandering between Rome and Barcelona....pretty phenomenal!!
I can't wait to taste the pasta and smell the lemon trees of Capri. See the people of these far off places and enjoy their lifestyle.
I do wish that Josh and really the whole family could be there with us, however, I know in my heart this is not the last trip and I know we will all experience these things together.....and soon!!

Life is so short on one hand, and amazingly long on another.

I also realize that I am traveling on the 10th anniversary of the tragic 9/11.

I honor and remember what happened that day and respect the people, families, loved ones, that have survived this unforgettable event.

I am sending light and love to all those traveling today and can't wait to come back with lots of stories and pictures to share!!

shanti om

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