Got Milk?

Hello September!

We officially have about 3 more weeks of summer before we welcome in Fall. Such an amazing time of year when everything and everyone sheds the hot summer and gets ready to go into our hibernation! Us lucky Floridians don't quite experience this the same way as most people, but something tells me Mother Nature might have something in store for us. As the hurricanes blow through it feels as though we are cleansing from this year of trials and tribulations.

I am always in favor of a cleanse!

Just as the earth is cleansed by rain we can cleanse with water as well. This water comes in many forms and a great way to get water packed with nutrients is from veggies and fruits.


This is a yummy and easy way to get a whole lot of nutrients in one glass.

My favorite is:

carrot or beet
(tends to get too sweet w/both)

You can also simplify it with a detoxing juice.


Got Milk?

The easiest, most cost effective, and nutritious thing to create!!

I do admit that this Raw lifestyle can empty your pockets from time to time. That being said there are ALWAYS ways around that.

The splurge for this almond milk is the organic almonds. You only need 1 cup to make about a liter of milk!

super easy....here we go....

1 cup soaked almonds (soak 10ish hrs)

4 cups filtered water

combine almonds and water in blender and blend

drain through a nut milk bag strainer or any type of fabric with a fine mesh
(nylons, cheese cloth, anything!)

You can always flavor this with dates, cinnamon, vanilla, cacao, get creative!

This stays fresh in the fridge for about 5 days......it won't last that long!!

This morning I put my almond milk into a smoothie.
ground chia seeds
coconut meat from a thai young coconut

I made this drink in my new Cuisinart Blender & Chopper.
I went to go buy the Magic Bullet and saw that the Cuisinart was BPA free.

If you go to Bed Bath&Beyond use a 20% coupon and there is a $20 rebate....cha ching!

Click HERE to check it out.

Have a fantastic holiday weekend!


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