Let thy food live!!

I have just returned from the Living Foods Institute!!

I spent 5 days in their program and will be going back in May to do the 2nd half.
I have a lot of experience with raw foods but I wanted a more concrete hands on experience with the theories behind the methods of healing with food.
Having worked at Hippocrates Health Institute for a minute I thought I knew what to expect out of a program like this.

We started our days in the kitchen prepping food for our lunch and learning the benefits of each ingredient. This is why I really decided to go to this program.

 I learned about the importance of enemas......yes self performed enemas!
and wheat grass implants! I no longer get nauseous just looking at it.

So much of the healing process is the energy in your body and around your body. Dis-ease begins with stress, negative feelings, stuffed emotions, toxicity, which then causes inflammation.

I had no idea the energetic/emotional journey I would have in those 5 days. It was so powerful and transforming to be around such strong and hopeful individuals. In just 5 days I met people who I know will be part of my life for a very long time.

My hope is that everyone will be exposed to this information.

Healing is all about the food you put into your body, the energy you surround yourself with, and the intentions you set for yourself.

Above all.......clean out your colon!!!!
This is the beginning of a journey towards OPTIMAL health.

Since I have been home I have continued my detox....more or less!.....and made my energy soup this morning.

In vitamix:

1 handful spinach
1 handful sunflower sprouts
clover sprouts
1/2 avocado
1 small apple
1/2 Tbsp dulse or kelp powder

This is the general recipe which you can add to per your taste. This is what we drank ALL day long.

Check out Brenda Cobb, Living Foods Institute, and read about her amazing self healing cancer experience.

Tomorrow we are off to Bike Week in Daytona!
The extreme opposite of where I just came from.......I guess balance is everything!
We are celebrating my amazing husbands birthday.

Wishing you a fantastic and beautiful weekend.

Please think about cleaning your colon with whole foods and add some more green into your life!

love and light

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