Home Sweet Home!

There is nothing better than walking in the door after a weekend away! I miss the quiet, the smell, and my refrigerator!!
We went on a weekend cruise which ended up going to Nassau. We were pleasantly surprised by the boat and we had a fantastic time! I have never been a huge fan of cruising , however, I am now a changed woman.
Bring it on!!
This is the easiest way to have quality time with the people you travel with and create great memories.
(of what you can remember!)
Good Times Were Had By All!!
Thank you Robyn & Bill!

Another great thing about coming home is seeing the Big Man!
He had a great weekend with his auntie and uncle....and Amico!

As well as taking care of our man they took care of my sprouts.....which flourished amazingly!

I think of myself as a pretty simple person....if "simple" is possible in this world!
I love my family, my food, and putting those two things together as much as possible. I also know I am a truly blessed person who gets to enjoy this all the time!

I have created a Favorite Finds section on my blog which contains links where you can find all of the cool gadgets that I use in my kitchen & some of the books that I love.

Enjoy. Smile. Breathe. Create!


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