Good times!!

Another great weekend!
It started with Joshs' gig @ Swamp Grass Willy's.

Always a great time!!

Green Market season is finally here!
I look forward to this ALL year.
We checked out the market in PGA and met Carl from KaiKai farms up in Stuart.

This will be my home away from home if it turns out to be as great as it sounds.
Local Organic Produce.......what!!??

I'll keep you posted.

My amazing husband was nice enough to take me to my favorite place to eat, Christopher's Kitchen.
This is an all Raw Living Foods restaurant in PGA.

We started with the Maui juice........
 creamy seaweed roll......
then the falafel salad & flatbread trio.....
we saved the best for last!!!!!

Chocolate icecream brownie banana sunday!!!!


We ended our weekend by celebrating my Aunt & Uncles anniversary.
Their son, Tyler, is a truly happy baby!

Good food....
 lovely family....
great music.

Good Times!!!


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