Witch Hazel

The summertime brings fun in the sun....
bathing suits....
water melon.....
days at the beach.....
and sometimes a wicked sunburn!

I always put aloe gel on a sunburn.
Josh lives by this remedy!!

A newer remedy that I have started to use is Witch Hazel.
I know this has been around forever, but, for some reason I am just trying it.

Not only does it relieve and heal the skin, it also has a ton of great benefits for the body.
My skin has never been so soft and I think I might add this to my regular skin regimen.

Do you have any experience with Witch Hazel?
Are there any other natural remedies that you have in your life that you have learned?

Please share!!

Of course sun screen is the most important part of Summer!

My favorite is the spray Kiss My Face
& the KMF face lotion.

They cause no break outs and work really well.

Be safe & enjoy these hot steamy days of Summer!


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