L'Shana Tova

Another year has passed......and what a year it has been!

Last night was a sweet reminder of all the goodness that this life has to offer.

Challah with raisins, apples dipped in honey, noodle kugel, veggie soup,  and a color filled vivacious salad.
Thank you mom and dad!!

This next week will bring reflection.....and more than usual!

What intention do I want this new year to carry?

What will change?

How will I make this year fulfilling and beautiful?

What I do know is that I intend to put more thought into this next year. As I get older there are things that I would like to accomplish and the clock seems to be ticking faster these days. I feel I am in a good place right now but need to be careful not to become content. I want to keep moving and learning and growing. It is an exciting time right now and best of all it's another excuse for the family to rally!!

I am wishing you, even if you don't celebrate the Jewish New Year, a wonderful week of family, love, and reflection.

T - 14 days until the girls head off to San Fran!!

I can not wait.

This will be my first time there and I feel like I am heading to the promise land.
It's the mecca of all things vegan and yogi.

Any recommendations?

I know we will be checking out the market, visiting a vineyard or two, driving the PCH, and practicing yoga at a couple of the many outstanding studios there.

Food......... Lots of food!

Have a great week.


Namaste.....L'Shana Tova

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