Finally.... a cool breeze.

Hello Autumn!

Last night was the first sign of the seasons change.
I walked into our apartment after work,
opened the doors,
and took an amazing nap with the breeze caressing the drapes.

It smells different and most definitely feels different than the hot ass summer we just experienced!

I love watching the movement of the trees as the wind blows and it seems to put a little more pep in everyone's step.

Along with this shift comes a whole new batch of produce.
It all comes back to food!!

Pumpkins, squash, pomegranates, figs, earthy and healthy super foods.

I can't wait to break open the Pom that is waiting for me at home.

The seeds are an easy add -on to any salad, grain, and/or drink.

How to eat a pomegranate:

1. cut off the crown and discard....or compost

2. score the outer rind without cutting all of the way through

3. soak in a bowl of cool water for 10 mins

4. peel off the rind and remove the seeds which will sink to the bottom

5. remove rind and skin and drain seeds to pat dry

The seeds have lots of antioxidants and fiber!

Have an awesome weekend and if nothing else.....
step outside.....


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