my little man.....a vegan?

The time has come where I can no longer stand buying dog food from the store.
For the last 3 yrs we have been feeding Miles Primal which is raw organic meat based frozen food.
I am vegan and it just feels wrong to feed him such food.
I can control few things in my life....one is what I eat and the other is what my dog eats!!

Yesterday I ran out of his dog food and the store was closed....thank you Palm Beach....so I had to improvise.

After some research I now know that I need to put supplements, probiotics, and enzymes into his food which is on order.

Until we get them....this is the meal plan.

* all organic ingredients*

Nutritional Yeast

Chick Peas


sprouted almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds

organic egg

steamed  kale, sweet potato, banana, broccoli, asparagus

After steaming the veggies I put everything into a pot with some coconut oil and simmered for another 25 mins. The more it cooks the easier it is to digest.

I have supplements on order from Vegedog and I'm super excited about the possibility of my little love being as cruelty free as I am.

I know.....aren't dogs made to eat meat?

That's what I thought until I read an overwhelming amount of research explaining that dogs, NOT CATS,  are actually Omnivores. This means that they are adaptable to a well balanced plant based diet.


I know the egg is not vegan, but, it was in the fridge so I added it.

It is only Day 2 of this adventure so we will see where it goes.


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