week 1 vegan Miles

 Miles eating his vegan dinner!

So far he seems to love his food and has the same healthy look. It has only been a week and we are watching him closely. It has been a full week and his breath has improved!!
He is going to the bathroom more but that may be because of the water and fiber content in veggies.

I have been making a stew of root veggies with brown rice, lentils, banana, and whatever needs to be eaten in the fridge.

I no longer waste any of my vegetables....it's awesome!

He has probiotics, vegepet supplements, also, coconut oil, blue green algae, ground flax, and nutritional yeast.

It  makes me jealous!

He goes to the vet next month so we will see what she has to say.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Tofurkey day!!

Much love and gratitude


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