an afternoon in the kitchen...

An afternoon at play....

My morning smoothie was one inspired by the coconuts I had waiting for me in the fridge.


1 thai young coconut- juice and meat
1/2 c frozen blue berries
spoon acai powder
spoon superseed blend- or flax, chia
juice 1/2 lemon
handful spinach
spoon blue green algae
1 frozen or fresh banana

* smoothies are a great way to include lots of superfoods as well as use up any produce *


I happened to make the Raw Marinara and had some that wouldn't quite fit into the jar.

snack time....

My husband could live on rice cakes so I decided to try a little pizza action.


organic brown rice cakes
raw marinara
daiya mozzarella
toast until melted


New moon tonight....new energy....

vibrant and cleansing!!

Have an awesome weekend.


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