vegan miles....not so vegan

I tried my hardest to pass my morals onto my defenseless dog!!

We went to our holistic vet and she recommended I add a little animal protein back into his diet.
She is not a vegan and surely doesn't believe in vegan dogs, but, I do trust her.

Since Miles can't speak for himself and tell me that he feels strongly about a vegan diet and feels great on it I added some meat.

He is strong and shiny and happy so it seems like the right thing for him.
I still make him food but mix it with 1/2 the amount of meat he had before.

Happy compromise!

I now have my first slow cooker!! This will make it even easier to make his stews.....and mine!

Vita Clay Rice / Slow Cooker.......love it!

Happy & Healthy & Yummy


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