In the last decade I have grown fond of a few foods that some people may see as less than savory! I tend to eat foods not only because they taste good but because they offer my body an extra dose of healthy.


I love it on a salad, with rice, quinoa, or even on its own.
There are so many different types and luckily I have access to most of them.
A while ago I even cultured my own.....it was fun but didn't taste as good as some that can be bought.
Some things I must leave to the pros!

Someone close to me is having some problems with the gut and the doc told them to eat yogurt with probiotics.


In general I believe that there isn't anything good for the body that has to do with dairy.
It is acidic, mucus forming, and just unnecessary.

Fermented foods are what add the beneficial bacteria to the gut which may/will help with stomach issues.
Make sure it is organic and raw.

This is by far my fav!!

Living probiotics.

Along with my kraut and fermented foods I do take a probiotic in pill form which actually works really well.
This isn't always the case b/c most of the probiotics on the shelf have already died and therefor are a waste of time and money.

Eat a heaping spoon of kraut before your meal and experience the difference!!

You will poop like never before....and as this may seem to step over the line.....we all know that elimination is the key to feeling and looking fantastic!

Happy Tuesday!


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