V-day ideas

Valentines Day

A day to celebrate love, eat chocolate, and spend lots of money!

If you are going to fork out hundreds on roses and other treats maybe consider some sustainable and 
eco- friendly options.

They offer the Passion (Aphrodisia) Bar Rapture.

They basically threw every herb that may increase libido into chocolate!!

It is vegan, organic, gluten free, kosher, and peanut free.

Jack pot!!


This year instead of buying flowers, which tend to die within a few days, buy a green plant.
These will live far longer and can eventually be planted into the ground. They offer beauty, oxygen, and sustainability.


What goes well with flowers and chocolate????

A donation to charity!!

Lingerie goes pretty well but who needs that anyway!!

What is your love passionate about?
There are thousands of organizations that could benefit from your generosity.

Give your love, time and money to a local animal shelter.
Donate food to a food pantry.
Clean out a closet and donate what you don't use.
Find a cause and GIVE.


Most importantly, use this day as an excuse to celebrate LOVE!!

Much love and gratitude


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