Loads of Love : ECO Laundry

Loads of Love

The local Green Market has moved to Wednesday evenings!!
We now get to enjoy this array of products all summer long.

Besides the organic produce....my favorite product came from
Loads of Love.

Soap Nuts are the most eco-friendly way to clean your laundry.
You take about 4-6 nuts, throw it into a bag, and that is it!
You can add essential oil to the bag if you would like a little bit of scent, however, I'm not too sure it is very effective.

The Soap Nuts will leave your laundry fresh, clean, and scent free.

You can use each batch for about 3 loads or test them by giving them a squeeze when they are wet. If you see white soap then they are still good.

There are a few places to get these amazing little nuts.

Loads of Love puts their money where their nuts are!

They are a soon to be Non Profit Organization. They raise money to feed the hungry & they are creating a business that celebrates sustainability.


There are a plethora of options for your used Soap Nuts.
One option is to boil them in 4 cups of water and strain into a spray bottle.
 This is a great insect repellent for your skin or your plants! 

Check it out......tell me what you think!


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