Friday Fun-day!!

Another week zoomed by!!
Isn't it crazy how these days go by so quickly.
I feel as if my life is busier than ever and the busier I am the faster it goes. I know for sure that I need to find balance in this coming year.
I am already thinking about this new year to come.
It's not even a couple of months away!!

It's all about BALANCE.

Speaking of balance....I have recently started wheel throwing!
It's one of those things I have always wanted to do and I am finally doing it.
Pretty cool!
I have an awesome teacher, Jesse, @ The Armory Art Center in WPB.
This a place of magic and creativity..... covered in sculpture and color and whimsical creations. I am happy that I finally found a place there.

These are my first creations.....tomorrow I learn to trim and glaze.
So exciting!!

The Holidays are officially in full swing. Christmas music everywhere.....have we had Thanksgiving yet?!

My mantra is to breathe and to slow down.

breathe, breathe, breathe!

Enjoy this beautiful weather & have a safe weekend.

love & light


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