Monday Fun-day

Why is it always the most painful experience peeling myself out of bed Monday morning? It's amazing how it doesn't take long to get out of the habit of rising early. I wouldn't say I am a morning person, but, I do love starting my day as early as possible.

It is officially the countdown until 2012....crazy! It will be a whirlwind of family friends & food for the next month. I love it!! What is scary to me is the madness of the retail world this time of year. I am a huge proponent of online shopping....convenient!! What has gone so terribly wrong? People being hurt, shot, pepper sprayed all in the name of saving a few bucks. That's some scary shit.
Needless to say......I may be baking my gifts this year!!! and donating in honor of.

My pottery journey continues.....

I have begun to fall in love with this amazing art form.
It is challenging, frustrating, meditative, and rewarding!! I know that this is something that I can grow with for the rest of my life. This past weekend I learned to glaze!
I can't wait to see how they finish.

I love Patagonia. I think it's the dream of living outdoors and being a mountain woman! They are also a very cool company with great ideas and initiatives.

What do we really NEED? 
I like this.....I took the pledge.....every little bit helps.

Have a wonderful Monday!

be kind
be gracious
just be


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