what will it be this year!!??

I'm pretty sure last year I decided not to set a resolution b/c I had too many intentions to just pick one.....or three!

I seem to set an intention or resolution everyday....even many times throughout the day.

be kind
be understanding
be humble
be sympathetic
be generous
be patient
be love
be light

Just a few of the things I am striving for...........

What do you see coming in this new year?

Jan 1 I start school!! It's been a while since I've done that but I am super excited for it!!
Nutrition is a great passion of mine and I am really doing this to further my understanding of the possibilities & role of food. I have seen a huge difference in myself with changes in my diet and lifestyle and like everything else I would love to share that.

You thought I spoke about health a lot before.....just wait!!

Above all else I want to wish everyone and everything a full of life new year!
Have fun, be safe, and always remind yourself of all the blessings you wake up to every morning.

C'est la vie 2011


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