Here we are! 2012!

The past month has been quite the whirlwind of happenings. I ended up setting an intention for this year.
Just be.....and breathe.
I had the privilege of spending New Years Eve with the WHOLE family!!
I ate my weight in stone crabs.....not very vegan of me!......and had a great time.

I tend to beat myself up about what I eat and how I look. I am far better about it than I use to be and I have gained a deep passion and respect for food in the past 5 years. As I start school I realize the tools I will gain will allow me to communicate how others can find this path of honoring our bodies and souls through food.

What we say
listen to
surround ourselves with
all have an impact on the light shining within us.

I want my light to be bright and clean and shining in a direction for others to prosper by.

In this new year I will share my journey through school and the recipes that I love.
The little things that make me smile and the photos that I click along the way.

In the next week or 2 I will do my first juice cleanse!! I'm pretty excited about it especially since my husband will be joining me!

Tonight I teach my first yoga class in 2012. It is amazing how I walk into the studio and everything else falls away. Even if I can't make it to my own mat I love seeing others on theirs!!

A few pics from the gorgeous weekend.......bundle up!!

Zander lighting fireworks New Years Eve

not a cloud in the sky......Jan 1st!

sunset 2011


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