World Water Day 2012!!!

World Water Day
March 22, 2012

Water is one of those commodities that we deeply take for granted.
I know for myself....I could definitely be better about how much I use on a daily basis.

And....nothing drives me crazier than when my husband turns the shower on to "heat up" and walks away for minutes at a time.

sorry to call you out sweetie!

I have written many times before about the amount of water used in agriculture and how astounding it is.
Especially the comparison between the use of water for meat vs vegetables.

What do you think uses far less?????????

That's right!!


Moral of the story....eat more veggies = save water!

(I had to fit that in somehow.)

In honor of World Water Day I think we all should think of 2 ways to decrease our daily water use.

Only 2.

At the end of the week see if you can implement those 2 things into your daily life.

What are they?
Tell me how you intend to implement them.

We could all use some ideas and inspiration!

Good luck, make sure you see some water today, and protect the abundant life we live by having a conscious attitude about consumption.



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