oh happy day!

This is post # 108!!!

I have just returned from my first IIN Mega Conference!!
It was a weekend packed full of inspiring speakers and equally amazing alumni and students of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I am honored and proud to be on this journey with so many conscious and LOVE filled people who yearn to create change.

Among the many speakers that were all profound.....a few touched my heart in a special way.

John Robbins, of Baskin Robbins...yes...the icecream.....had everyone sobbing with his life story (happy tears) about his relationship with his father. A perfect example of how following your heart is not only fulfilling in your own life but may save anothers as well.
check out his long list of superbly influential books at:

Another amazing presenter was Geneen Roth.
Author of Women Food and God.
So adorable and spunky....I definitely want to get her book and read it ASAP!

David Wolfe, a huge presence in the Raw Foods world, gave an energizing and entertaining presentation on raw food, super foods, and super herbs.
He had so much energy he could have flown off the stage!!
A true testament to the power in quality pure living foods.

And my favorite, a little bias, was Seane Corn.
As always she reminded us of the most important piece of the puzzle, coming back to spirit through love. Serving this world with a true intention of love and peace. If these are in alignment then the rest of the "abundance" will follow with ease.

view from my room!
I had the privilege of staying at the AVIA Hyatt. Awesome boutique hotel not far from the convention center.

Of course!! We ate some amazing food....we were in California after all!

Zephyr was in Long Beach and we ate a fantastic dinner there.

The night I left we rushed into LA for a meal at Cafe Gratitude. It was worth it!!
I had a Macro Bowl which was the perfect mix of
quinoa, carrots, sprouts, seaweed, sauerkraut, with a special sauce.
I flew the leftovers home and ate it for breakfast!!!

They have a multitude of amazing cookbooks available.

Instead of waiting 1 hr for a table we had a curbside picnic!!
I guess we were the first to do that!

The most amazing part of the whole weekend were the connections that I made with some beautiful women.

one love, one heart, one pulse, one intention.....

We all want to see this world thrive in an energetic and healthy way.
We are what we eat!!!

Lets all be yummy, full of living energy, growing, supported, and loved beings serving our purpose of giving love.

Wishing you a beautiful day!


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