nuts for Brazil nuts!

I figured I would get a little crazy with my nut milk and use Brazil nuts instead of almonds.
It tastes great and has huge benefits for the body and their homeland.
Who knew!?

It is important to note that Brazil nuts cannot be farmed, and have to be grown wild in healthy rainforest ecosystem. According to the Amazon Conservation Association, caring for Brazil nut plantations “provides more than half the yearly income for thousands of families in the Amazon and protects several million acres of forest from deforestation.”

CastaƱales (Brazil nut harvesting concessions) offer one the few positive bottom-line economic examples where the density of a renewable natural resource other than timber is sufficient to justify the existence of large forested areas against unsustainable uses such as cattle ranching. Brazil nuts, which are opened up by harvesters within the primary forest, represent more than half the yearly income for thousands of families in the region, and so far have politically justified the protection of these natural areas. People can actually make a living harvesting these nuts from wild forests – a strong economic reason that keeps the trees standing.

- Raw Freedom Community


organic when possible

1 cup Brazil nuts
4 cups clean water

If you like it thicker add less water.

sweetner ( stevia, dates )

First soak the nuts for 2 hrs. I've seen people say that they don't have to be soaked at all because they lack the enzyme inhibitor.

Add nuts and water to high speed blender and blend until smooth.
Run it through a nut bag or cheese cloth.

It should last at least 3-4 days.

I added some into my smoothie this morning along with....
frozen bananas
chia seed blend ( ground )
maca powder


Power smoothie for sure!

Enjoy your day and the FULL MOON tonight!!


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