As a young woman who is of child bearing age I have started to really think about my options for childbirth. Most of us grew up knowing that you go to the hospital to have a baby. Where else would you go? Come to find out there is a whole world of possibilities out there. 

Doula, midwife, birthing center, home birth, water birth, ecstatic birth.

These are the concepts that have been swirling in my head!

I just watched an amazing documentary about natural birth and the possibilities that are there.

Imagine you stay in your own home, comforted by the people who love you, in a place of peace, low lighting, soft music, and unconditional support.

On top of that there are amazing women who can guide you through your pregnancy so that you have the tools to be a fierce and courageous woman during birth.


All women deserve to at least know about these options.

I feel empowered to give my child a fighting chance from inception, to birth, to life.

Just like in life, the sounds, the mind set, the intention set, all creates the foundation for your birthing experience.

We are powerful, insightful, and amazing beings that should take control of ourselves especially at such a crucial turning point in our lives. The possibility of enjoying the birth of my child instead of just surviving it is HUGE.

Orgasmic Birth

( pg 3 of Fav Finds)

This is the documentary that really shows how natural birth is possible and what it looks like.

I know....orgasm! Women actually experience this during birth.....that must be an amazingly wild ride! Imagine how in tuned and open you would have to be to journey into that space. It's just remarkable.

I feel blessed to have come across this information and look forward to my future births!
(One day.....don't get too excited mom & dad!)

Check out the documentary, only $1.99 on Amazon, life changing.

I am woman, hear me roar!!!


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