There is no other way to describe the last weekend spent in NYC.
It was amazing food experience after amazing food experience.I felt like we should have been taping a show on where to eat in NYC!!

It was my sisters B-day last week so Josh and I accompanied her to a fun filled few days in one of our favorite cities. Her and I have quite the history on the streets of New York and like to re-kindle them as much as possible. We experienced the first snow and it was beautiful. We also stumbled into some yummy treats!

It started with a fantastic and healthy lunch @
in SOHO.

I could tell you everything we ordered but will pick my favorite....
the best tiramisu I have ever tasted....no joke!

It was the wisest way to start our extravaganza considering it would all be crazy from there!

That night we ran to the W in Union Square and grabbed a cocktail before seeing Fuerza Bruta. This is the twin to De La Guarda which I loved going to when I lived in NYC.

We hailed a cabby to "Indian Row" and landed in one amazing little restaurant.
Brick Lane.
This place was featured on Man vs Food for spicy killer food.
They were making martinis with ghost pepper powder.....ouch!!

Saturday morning welcomed brunch at Sofitel. Marisa claimed it to have the best eggs benedict ever. I think she just wanted the chocolate croissants!! We both enjoyed those and some eggs. At least they were farm fresh!!

This is where I slipped way out of vegan territory!! Homemade bow tie pasta with fresh marinara sauce. wow! I also couldn't help but taste some of the cheese plate and truffle ricotta tortellini that the rest of the table was enjoying......enjoying is an understatement!!

They also had the greatest cocktail I had ever tasted (x3!)
It was a mix of grapefruit, mint, blood orange syrup, vodka, and oj.


You would think that was enough for one weekend......but no!!

We par-oozed Soho and that evening had reservations at The Mark.
A friend of ours was gracious enough to get us into this great place on the upper east side.
You walk in to a dim lit bar with zebra lounge chairs. The upper east side proper vibe with a little swank!
The food....the wine....and the company were superb.

They had the best Brussel sprouts that I had ever tasted.

To end our awesome NYC weekend we had Brunch at Candle79.
A very well known vegan stop in the Upper East Side.

I started with a Green Goddess juice......my body was in need!
We had Rancheros, Spaghetti & Wheatballs, Tofu Scramble, Chimmichurri Kabobs, Molten Lava Cake, and...... Cannoli's!!!

Holy Shit is right!

Even though it will take me a week to feel semi-normal again I enjoyed every bite of NYC! It is always good to indulge once in a while......long while!

NYC is such a diverse and energetic place that I love. For anyone who likes to eat or appreciates food it is a playground for the senses. I hope to re visit my favorite vegan/raw stops and will fondly remember my not so vegan choices!!

I guess it's really time for that juice cleanse!!

peace & light

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