Roots Soup!!

It was a wonderful weekend.....I was lucky enough to have some time to go to the green market! I am always inspired to cook when I go shopping and I was especially excited with all of the colorful produce I saw this time.
Can you believe these colors!!


Almost every ingredient happened to be a root vegetable....I guess I needed some grounding!

I started by boiling about 1 cup lentils and set it aside. Cut 1 whole red onion and let it simmer with about 3/4 TBSP Ghee.

That's right......Ghee.
It's not vegan, but, it is known to have some amazingly wonderful effects on the body.
And honestly..... the flavor is outstanding!

Next I added 1 sweet potato & 1 regular potato chopped.
add about 1 cup H2O with 5 stalks celery, 1/2 piece Kombu (seaweed rich in minerals), 4 cloves garlic, and spices.
I used some turmeric, cardamom, pepper, salt, and cayenne.
to taste.
Add a couple more cups water & lentils and at the last minute add the cauliflower and the kale.
I don't like my soups to be too mushy..... it's actually nice to have a little crunch.

If I had it on hand I would have also added a little ginger and some green peas.

I topped it with some fresh parsley, avocado, and a little nutritional yeast.
This is a very grounding, colorful, warming dish that can be eaten as a soup or with a grain like brown rice or quinoa.


This weekend I also had my first conference call with my coach at school. It was inspiring and enlightening. I am so excited to be embarking on this journey and can't wait to share.
My first assignment is to conduct a few Health Histories. This is a simple process of someone filling out a questionnaire and us speaking and going through it together. If you are interested in being a part of this let me know!

Have an inspired and beautiful week!

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