CANCER fighting foods

Last night I attended one of Dina's ( Raw Vegan Gourmet) "cooking" classes.
 It's focus was on cancer fighting foods. I can only speak for myself, but, a huge part of eating a raw/vegan diet is to rid your body of potential cancer causing substances. We CLEANSE ourselves through food, activity, thought, meditation, anything that keeps us on the path of PURE and clean living. 
She started her class with a video from the Hippocrates Health Institute about the business of cancer and the statistics behind it. This is information that is plentiful all over the web and in every book I have ever read having to do with raw or vegan ways of life. It's heart breaking and amazing at the same time.

How did we as humans, highly intelligent beings, get to a place of being these blind and lazy followers of business people (some docs) who don't know what is REALLY going on or don't care?

I don't want to generalize or clump the whole medical world into this but there are staggering stats that show this overwhelming attitude of ignorance.

" Heal thy self with thy food." - Hippocrates

How simple is it to think about what you are putting into your mouth?
How do we make this shift of consciousness happen?
What has to happen to make people realize that from childhood we are slowly killing ourselves if we don't open our eyes and make a change?

I was sitting behind a young woman, 30's,  last night who had lost her hair due to cancer treatment. She didn't taste anything that was served because it was all raw vegetables. I don't know much about chemo or radiation ,but, I am assuming it might have to do with the possible bacteria on raw organic produce?

Help me out here!!!

I would like to be educated on this.

any thoughts?

I know that I would rather live a shorter life feeling like a million bucks than a life full of sickness and pain.

Thats why I love the way I eat and encourage others to just try it out. You don't have to be vegan.....just try 1 meal without animal products and see how you feel afterwards. And raw food will have you running circles with energy!!

Here is my favorite recipe from last night.
Thank you Dina!

Sprout Hummus

1 cup sprouts : mung, garbanzo, lentil, etc
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp evoo
1 clove garlic
1 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp salt
hot sauce or cayenne for a little kick!

blend on high speed until desired consistency

Wrap this in a collard leaf with some veggies or put it on a salad!!

Have an awesome weekend!
Go and support your local vegan or raw cafe!!


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