Super Bowl Sunday

Sunday has always been my most favorite day, well, everyday is my favorite!!
This Sunday was especially fun b/c of Super Bowl. The football game of course had nothing to do with it....at all! It was another excuse for us to get together and have a great time. No shortage of that around here!! My parents just moved into an awesome new home in Sewell's Point and the fam came together there for the first time.

Daryl built these cool boards for a game called CORNHOLE. I guess it's a northern thing because none of us Floridians had ever heard of it. It was a great time!!

Mile always has the best seat!

Some how all of the guys color coordinated....hmmm!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
Tomorrow night is a full moon.....hoping to paddle board at sunset.

love the life you live, live the life you love

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