The light at the end of the tunnel....

I have long wished for the day when my hometown begins to offer vegan and raw foods.
First, Darbster opened in Lake Worth. So exciting to see a place that is conscious and serving great food survive for so long. Then the Raw Kitchen opened on Clematis St. Unfortunately they closed about a month ago....if you are going to charge $18 for a salad it better be damn good! And finally Christopher's Kitchen in PGA.....my favorite!! They have phenomenal raw cuisine and you will pay largely for it.....so worth it!!

I have my favorite dishes in each spot and I am a creature of habit.
 Why fix it if it ain't broke!

Darbster has kick ass Palm Cakes.
Christopher's Kitchens Caesar Salad w/a side of Tuna....yum!

There are a few places that I love that are hiding their vegan/raw capabilities!

Nick & Johnnie's has a Quinoa & Kale salad....dressing is super tasty!

Thai Jo's Papaya salad.....wow!

Cabana's Cabana salad w/ coconut rice.....they chop it for me and replace the cheese with avo.
(they are the best)

If you are in the mood for a burger Relish has a great Mushroom Burger.....ask for a whole wheat bun....they like to hide them!!

Palm Beach Grill....ARTICHOKE! somehow they have mastered the art of steaming those amazing vegetables.....side of wild rice.

Those are my favs and I'm on the lookout for more....

any recommendations??????

We have a promising future here in Palm Beach County.....there are surely enough of us to warrant some more options.

Maybe one day PLUME will have all of these yummy treats under one roof.....one can dream!

My newest recipe....FUNA....or tuna!

A great addition to any salad or wrap it up in a romaine leaf or some nori.


1.5 cups soaked almonds (24 hrs)
1.5 cups sunflower seeds, hulled (4-6) hrs
1/2 lemon juiced
fresh dill to taste
1/2 cup chopped celery
salt to taste
1 tbsp kelp powder

-process almonds & seeds 
-mix all other ingredients into big bowl
-fold nut/seed mixture into bowl

- taste and season more if necessary



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