Sprout experimentation 101

It seems that between my love affair with my kitchen & the inspiration from The Sweet Cupcaker, AKA Chandler, I have been blogging my ass off!! It is fun and exciting and has become my virtual diary. You never know in life what is around the next corner......all I know is that I can't complain!

Last weeks soaking of the sunflower seeds actually turned into something very cool....sprouts!

I soaked black organic sunflower seeds last weekend for a recipe, not realizing they needed to have the shell off, and wanted to do something with them. I threw some of them in a jar and let them sit in this nifty little contraption that my friend Marta gave to me years ago. I rinsed them twice a day until yesterday  and this was the result!

I then rinsed them and picked the shells off of each sprout.....yes.....each one! Ultimately I would place each sprout in soil and let them grow into a longer shoot. Since I haven't gotten to that level of sprouting yet I decided I would feed the little buds to Miles!! He loves sprouts!

I do have an appointment this Saturday at GOT SPROUTS, in WPB, to have a lesson in sprouting. I am SO excited! Besides being totally economical, I will never have to worry about running out of yummy healthy greens!

For the 2nd time I made my favorite Pasta dish. A little different this time b/c I was missing a few ingredients that I used the last time. I left out the red bell pepper, which are hard to find organic, and the oregano. It still was so great!! I took pics this time.

Tomorrow marks the amazing 32 year marriage of my parents. What an inspiration they are in so many ways. I feel so blessed to have them as an example of what commitment and honor looks like. The best way to learn is by the examples of others. They are the poster children for soul mates and really making a marriage work no matter what.

Thank you mom and dad for being a true light in all of our lives.

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