What the @#$%^ has happened to Yoga?

I really do try my hardest to see the positive in everyone and every situation. The one thing that just boils my blood is someone who lets their ego rage out of control.
Yoga.....to me....is a practice that brings us back to center. Literally meaning to Yoke/ Unite it allows us to strengthen ourselves, mind,body,spirit, so that we can walk through the chaos of life and not let it ruffle our feathers. It allows us to take a step back so that we can  let go of being reactive and cultivate a sense of balance.

If you have ever had the pleasure of being in Dharma Mittras presence....you feel right away his strength and calmness.....especially in his voice. 

This is what I picture when I think of the Yoga Greats.

Of course, with everything, there are a million sides to every story. Everyone has the choice and the right to live how they choose and I respect and honor that. 

How does this picture make you feel?

Look at the faces of the onlooking students!!

Enough said...........

Choose your teachers wisely as you would anything else. We are all exchanging energy and learn from every situation. Just as we want to surround ourselves by caring & loving people we want our practice to be rewarding and balanced.

I am only saying this because I get this question all the time about Bikram......do I do it?
My answer is always that I have tried and I chose a different style.

Choose for yourself in an educated way. We can lose weight in many ways.....it doesn't have to come from a narcissistic place.

oops.....did I say that!

I am going into my 5th year of teaching.....amazing.....and it ceases to amaze me how without a doubt I learn probably more from my students than they learn from me. It is such an exchange of trust and is energetically revitalizing! I am so honored and thankful for my time in the studio and one day I hope to be able to offer a space (PLUME!)  for people to learn as I have.

For anyone who hasn't tried yoga yet, I encourage you to check it out. There are many different styles and teachers that all have their own ways of transmitting their journey and experiences. We come onto the mat with the anticipation of getting off a more grounded, clear thinking, strong, compassionate person. 
That is a pretty good mat!!

No matter where we go we can always find our way back to center!

And tonight......Raw Walnut Pate!!

I have made this in the past with sauteed mushrooms......not this time!
Let's see which one wins the taste contest.

Until then.........

light and balance


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