Naked Party!!

Good friends, Good food, and great clothes!!!

Sunday was the first time I hosted a Naked Party! I had attended one years ago @ The Soma Center & haven't been able to attend another one since. It was a lot of fun to have friends over that I usually don't get to see outside of the yoga studio. What happens is this:

Everyone brings anything.....I mean anything....they no longer want. 
We share with each other.
We donate whatever is left to charity.

Pretty cool!

It is a productive & meaningful way to connect with friends.....and get rid of all that shit!!

The best part was the food....of course. I attempted to create my first raw cookies.....rawkies! I thought they were great....my mom.....not so much! To each her own!!!

This weekend I also made my first batch of almond milk.....super easy and amazingly yummy! Now I am searching for the perfect recipe to use the almond pulp in. I love the no waste part of raw food.

Daryl & Chandler have zoomed up to VA for the week so I am manning the fort! I can't even take sunrise pics anymore b/c I am half way to work by then! I love waking up early.......if only I could get to bed early.

Stay tuned for more kitchen creations & journeys!

Shanti Ommmmmmmm

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