Spiritual Seeking

Just like my seeds that I am nurturing into sprouts.....we need to tend to our spirituality.

I listen to Oprah radio almost everyday hoping to catch her Soul Series. This is one of two shows on her radio station that I love. The other is Dr Oz.....a great amount of information having to do with nutrition and overall well being. 

Recently I was listening to a broadcast....about spirituality.

They were discussing the concept or practice of being present in every step. About seeing, experiencing, noticing Ordinary Magic.

I love that phrase, Ordinary Magic.

Can we delight in every moment, not only finding the positive, but also just letting every thing BE?
Whether it's good bad or indifferent......it will just BE.

I've had moments in my life, quite often, where I become acutely aware of how amazing this existence is. It's the simple things in life. How plants find their way and bloom through concrete. How we exist in one big ball of recycling water and plant matter. How life is created through energy. WOW!

Zen Gurus always speak of this simplicity in meditation. How doing the dishes or laundry becomes meditative if you are completely focused on the task at hand. That can apply to anything. 

Can we clear our minds of the chatter to let peace and quiet in?

It's hard when you live in the real world to quiet the chatter. There is always something that we need to do or say or not say. The energetic hamster running on it's perpetually spinnng wheel!

At the end of every yoga class I teach I encourage students during savasana, the final relaxation, to let go of the judgement of thoughts. To allow the thoughts to roll by like clouds. See them, acknowledge them, and let them go. Not easy at all but a great way to cleanse our thoughts. Our minds will never be "empty" or clear, but we can think in a certain way that helps us to relax and still be aware.

"Practice and all is coming."- Pattabhi Jois

There are so many great masters with theories on spirituality. A big part of my book collection has that theme. Buddhist thought, yogic principles, meditation, these all are life long journeys for everyone. Whether you start when you are 2 yrs old on an ashram or at 25 in a city......it's all a path of never ending learning.

Thank goodness for that!

Here is one of my favorite books.... I use it often in my classes.

Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga ,  by Rolf Gates

Maybe take a moment to sit and breathe......close your eyes......and listen.

All is coming.


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