Reborn Highway

It is now time for me to dote on my husband!!

Anyone who knows him knows that he is a passionate musician and has an amazing amount of talent.
The story of how he learned to play and what he has accomplished is inspiring.
There has been many re-incarnations of the band that now is called........
Reborn Highway.

They have a show this weekend in Wellington & I'm stoked for everyone to experience their newest lead man.

The show is at an amphitheater which means we will be picnicking which means I get to prepare food!!!
I'm pretty excited about it! I know.....dork!

Can't wait to see what the Sweet Cupcaker will create!

I also want to take a minute to send love and light to Mitch's father, Dan.
He is on his way to the other side and I wish him a peaceful journey.
He will be remembered as an intelligent, talented, thoughtful, and forward thinking man.
( He had a 1st generation hybrid car!)

Shanti Om

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